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Essay 3: Ghost in the Shell and Post-humanism

Many works of science fiction repeatedly portray a "post-human" world where the concepts of "human" and "humanity" have undergone a radical transformation, so that "what is human" needs to be redefined. However, posthumanism is also more than a redefinition of the human; it is an "anti-anthropocentric" proposition that emphasizes non-human agents in the world. Writers, [...]

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Calls (2021) is a show adapted from a French series called Calls (2017), Calls (2021) is a much more detailed version, both in form and content. Contrary to the "forward iteration” revolution, this show chooses to do a "backward iteration". It almost completely abandoned the pictures compared to normal tv series, the visual part only [...]

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Essay 2

The inspiration for the book The End of Eternity is interesting. At that time, Asimov was teaching at Boston University, and by chance he found a magazine in the library, and when he looked through it, he noticed that an advertisement from the 1920s actually printed an image of a mushroom cloud from a nuclear [...]

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What is science fiction?

Science fiction is a genre of fictional works that depict such fantasy content about science as future technology, time or space travel, parallel universes, artificial intelligence, etc. According to Isaac Asimov, science fiction is like a social experiment, depicting fictional societies. He sees science as the great and unifying principle of the earth, while using [...]

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