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Sci Fi Essay #3: Place and Space- Scavengers as a Sensory Experience

Sci Fi Essay #3: Place and Space- Scavengers as a Sensory Experience Scavengers is a short animation, by Joseph Bennett and Charles Huettner, that follows a pair of human explorers as they journey through an unknown planet (Vesta) full of unusual creatures. The title Scavengers- someone who feeds from the discards of something else- seems [...]

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Sci-Fi Project Proposal (March 8th)

Sci-Fi Project Proposal (March 8th) Alien and the Materiality of the Future 1. description of the original text and its socio-cultural and historical contexts; Alien, written by Dan O’Bannon and directed by Ridley Scott, is a 1979 Science Fiction film and the first of the Alien Franchise. It was one of the first films to [...]

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Essay #2 // Human, Identity, and the Material World

Human, Identity, and the Material World In Automated Valor, August Cole illustrates the changing role of empirical knowledge in relation to the future of warfare and citizenship. The dialogue and warfare imagery within the Commonwealth’s Legion combat team, during an attack from the Chinese infantry, highlights the necessity of verbal, visual and haptic communication as [...]

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What is Science Fiction?

Science Fiction is rooted in material and historical actualities, which differentiates it from Fantasy or Myth. It looks at a world that we have defined as normal and reorders it. Many of the material players are present, satisfying the need to feel recognizable, but details have been altered pushing the narrative into a zone that [...]

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