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When Human and Tech Collapse: A Close Reading of Estrada’s “Alienation”

Alienation by Ines Estrada is a science fiction graphic novel that follows Elizabeth and her boyfriend Carlos through their daily life in 2054. The book oscillates between the utopic virtual reality filled with adventure and life in contrast to a violent physical reality of climate degradation and paranoia. 2054 is eerily tangible, offering snapshots of [...]

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Project Proposal

A. Bee and PuppyCat is a web cartoon released in 2013 by Cartoon Hangover and Frederator studios. The series features a twenty-somethings temp worker, Bee, and her intergalactic vocaloid-voiced looks-like-a-cat smells-like-a-puppy bestie, PuppyCat. This web series garnered in $200,000 over their initial Kickstarter funding goals. Written by Natasha Allegri and directed by Larry Leichliter, Bee [...]

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Retrolabeling Latin American SF: The Evolutionary Feedback Loop in Jorge Luis Borges’ “The Circular Ruins”

One rarely classifies Jorge Luis Borges’ body of work within the genre of science fiction, however, the respective retro labeling of some of his seminal works within Ficciones, specifically “The Circular Ruins," captures the descriptive essence of science fiction. Borges employs a Promethean subtext when the protagonist of “The Circular Ruins,” to whom he refers [...]

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What is science fiction?

What is science fiction?  Science fiction, from both an academic and escapist perspective, exists as a sort of catharsis. By blurring the lines between present and future, science fiction and the creation of science fiction narratives pacifies our need to know what comes next. Through film, comics, novels, cartoons, and everything in between, science fiction [...]

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