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Snowpiercer: A Critique on Class and Climate Change

Snowpiercer, based on the French post-apocalyptic graphic novel of the same name (Le Transperceneige) by Jacques Lob, was released in 2013, thirty-one years after the release of this graphic novel in 1982. While this movie makes many critiques on our society in its year of publication, said critiques continue to be valid even today. Snowpiercer [...]

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Reimagining the Lore of Assassin’s Creed

a. Description of the original text and its socio-cultural and historical contexts; Set in a universal struggle between the Templars (a group of people who believe in total order) and the Assassins (a group of people who believe in a balance/choice between order and chaos, a.k.a. free will), Assassin’s Creed posits a world where human [...]

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The Appeal of Immortality in a World Filled with Secularism and Violence in Zero K

It’s no secret that humanity is moving towards a more technologically advanced society, but at the same time, it is also moving towards a more secular one as religion declines. Published in 2016, Don DeLillo’s Zero K emulates this extremely well through the theme of technology becoming the new religion, the new “god,” in the [...]

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What is Sci-Fi?

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” ~ Arthur C. Clarke. Science Fiction, to me, has always been closely associated with Fantasy, in its endeavor to take us beyond our current reality. On a surface level analysis, I view the main difference between the two to be that the former posits a *more* realistic [...]

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