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Questions on War of the Worlds

1. In the 2005 film adaptation of War of the Worlds, the heat ray instantly cremates humans, turning them into a fine grey dust reminiscent of the dust that covered parts of Manhattan after 9/11. In the original novel and radio adaptation, however, the Heat Ray leaves corpses “charred and distorted beyond recognition" (p.27). [in [...]

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Who Owns a Clone? Feminism and Treatment of the Female Body in Orphan Black

Orphan Black follows protagonist Sarah Manning (Tatiana Maslany) as she discovers that she is a clone, meets her sister clones and Tony (a transgender brother clone), and uncovers several clandestine organizations and plots related to human cloning and eugenics. Set in modern day, the clones’ (all played by Maslany) interactions with powerful institutions, each other, [...]

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Sigrid Project Proposal

Project Proposal: Babel Video Game   Summary: My project will draw from the novel Babel-17 by Samuel R. Delany to create a prototype video game called that explores how programming and communication shape reality and individuality. 1. Background on Babel-17 Original Text. Babel-17 is set in a war-torn universe. The Invaders and The Alliance have [...]

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Hierarchies of Being in Carmen Dog

In the world of Carmen Dog by Carol Emshwiller, female animals are transforming into female humans, and vice versa. The human to animal transitions are neither instant nor clearly discernible. Some women change completely into animals and loose ability to communicate with humans. Others are in a permanent limbo between species. Phillip, for example, possesses [...]

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What is Science Fiction

Science fiction imagines alternate realities and beings marked by technological and scientific advances impossible or not yet present on Earth. The genre’s creative world building enables readers to shed their terrestrial ways of thinking and contemplate new definitions of existence. Often, science fiction forces us to consider a reality in which “we are not alone” [...]

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