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Total Recall: reflection on reality, humanity and intersectionality

Essay 3- Total Recall: reflection on reality, humanity and intersectionality   I really enjoy watching this film and can’t believe Total Recall (1990) was really filmed in 1990 because it is really advanced stuff at that time with a great combination of imagination and SF elements. Total Recall questions the nature of reality and humanity. [...]

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Project Proposal: Welcome to the Dream World

1.Introduction of Paprika; Paprika is a 2006 Japanese Science Fiction anime film co-written and directed by Satoshi Kon, which adapted from the novel with the same name. It talks about a story a new psychotherapy treatment called dream therapy. It is achieved by a device called “DC mini” which allows therapists to cure patients by entering their [...]

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Utopianism in Contemporary China, seeing from“Taking Care of the God” by Cixin Liu

Taking Care of the God is short science fiction story written by a Chinese SF writer Cixin Liu, which I considered as one of the best works integrated science fiction factors with traditional Chinese cultural dimension and moral criticism. Not similar to the typical alien invasion story, it introduces an alien race who claiming themselves [...]

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What is Science Fiction?

Personally, I think, science fiction is a bridge between realism and imagined future. As Le Guin states, I do agree that science fiction is descriptive because its story background and topic actually comes from the present, and we can easily find the existing analog for the fiction creation in reality. Also, even for an inexistent creation, it still needs [...]

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