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Kindred Online: The Living History Experience

Kindred Online: The Living History Experience by Zemí Yukiyú Atabey on the original work: “Kindred,” by Octavia Butler This project aims to adapt and, to a certain degree, reinvent Octavia Butler’s 1979 classic “Kindred” in which her protagonist Dana – a black woman writer living in present day Los Angeles – is dragged back in [...]

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Parasyte: The Maxim: The Guide

https://youtu.be/dcVuEbnq-8Y 寄生獣 kiseijiu, “parasyte” a word coined by Iwaaki for his manga. The root, “kisei” comes from “take/collect” and “life” which forms “parasitic.” The last character represents “beast.” The word is based on, but distinctive from “parasite” 寄生虫 (kiseichuu), where the last character represents an insect, worm, or bug. 人 hito/bito/jin person/people (not an [...]

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“We are inside a Denny’s.” Haruki Murakami’s “After Dark” and the Legacy of Japanese Science Fiction

After Dark was my introduction to Haruki Murakami’s work, and since then having read nearly his entire catalog – including those novels considered by critics vastly superior like Kafka on the Shore and his most recent masterpiece 1Q84, it remains my unquestionable favorite Murakami. After Dark blends the metaphysical and otherworldly with the gritty realism [...]

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As Above, So Below

"Tis' true without lying, certain and most true. That which is below is like that which is above and that which is above is like that which is below to do the miracles of only one thing." - from the Emerald Tablet of Hermes the Thrice-Greatest If what we now call mythology was the effort of [...]

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