Dystopian Nationalism

When we think SF, we think future, technology, speed, luxury––a pre-mediated look on SF from a western, Euro-centric perspective that has been imposed upon us since a long time. But we fail to think about how science-fiction plays part in places rampant with discriminatory practices, hierarchies, and traditions that have survived for centuries, and exist [...]

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Project Proposal

Indian Myth Saves the Day a. The Ramayana is an ancient Indian Sanskrit tale (a mythical poem that many believe to be true) about Prince Rama's quest to rescue his wife Sita from Ravana, the king of Lanka. It is said to have been written by the sage Valmiki, and dates from roughly 500 BCE [...]

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The Exhibition Must Go On, With or Without the Robot and the Moth

The Robot and the Moth The Robot and the Moth is a short story that was a result of culmination of science-fiction, hyperbole, and philosophy that was written by Vyataute Zilinskaite in 1978, Lithuania. During the Soviet era (1940s), most of Lithuania was controlled by the Red Army, but post-war Vilnius (1953-1988) experienced more Lithuanization [...]

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What is Science-fiction?

On the one hand, science-fiction is an exaggerated portrayal of the present from the author’s point of view. Seeing how humans- our lifestyles, and technologies do nothing but harm to the world, we know and are afraid of our own future. Science-fiction is an attempt to warn, create fear, and console oneself that at least [...]

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