Alchemy in the Body; A Somatic Experimentation & Non-Materiality of the “Feminine” in SF

One of the most seductive things about Science Fiction writing is that it is inherently political. Offering a speculative foil to the lived reality of the present/future, Science Fiction challenged cultural, technological, and political discourses. What's more is Science Fiction's ability to tease out the anxieties of the present moment, especially as it takes on [...]

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‘Palestine + 100’, and the Politics of Memory

'Palestine + 100' Palestine +100 is a collection of short stories by the author Basma Gayalini that unites speculative and alternative narratives of the post-Nakba future. The vignettes provide departures from present-day Palestine under occupation. The genre liberates the authors by giving them the space to political reimagine future possibilities for the country. The consistent [...]

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what is science fiction: a reflection

  Science fiction is a genre that considers futuristic expressions of utopia and disaster. It is an art form that stretches and tests the limits of what we hold true in the realms of time and space and is deeply reflective of the state of the world at present. Science fiction differs from mythology as [...]

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