Party Talk (novel) w/ Artbreeder Characters

Party Talk  Note: the following character images have been created using Artbreeder: a machine-learning based website that allows users to create art through the StyleGAN and BigGAN models. In the case of this particular project, I have used Artbreeder to generate and modify character images. Also, none of the chapters below are finished. They are [...]

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Construct the spaces in The Futurological Congress

The text I want to focus on is Stanisław Lem's The Futurological Congress, a novel of about 80,000 words set in the 1970s in the fictional country of Costa Rica, which in its English translation has the same name as the real place, but in the original Polish it is Costarikana, different from Kostaryka, which [...]

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I, Robot, the game

Maxime Delpech 3/8/2022 Science Fiction: Humanity, Technology, the Present, and the Future Kimon Keramidas   I, Robot, the game I've been passionate about TTRPG since high school, and this is not my first attempt at making one (actually the first time I played a TTRPG, it was one of my own creations, I wanted to [...]

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Calls (2021) is a show adapted from a French series called Calls (2017), Calls (2021) is a much more detailed version, both in form and content. Contrary to the "forward iteration” revolution, this show chooses to do a "backward iteration". It almost completely abandoned the pictures compared to normal tv series, the visual part only [...]

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Alchemy in the Body; A Somatic Experimentation & Non-Materiality of the “Feminine” in SF

One of the most seductive things about Science Fiction writing is that it is inherently political. Offering a speculative foil to the lived reality of the present/future, Science Fiction challenged cultural, technological, and political discourses. What's more is Science Fiction's ability to tease out the anxieties of the present moment, especially as it takes on [...]

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Prototype Proposal

For this project, I will be engaging with an episode from the original series of Star Trek. The episode in question is the twenty-eighth episode of the first season, entitled “The City of the Edge of Forever.” This episode is widely critically acclaimed and considered by many to be the strongest episode of the original [...]

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Inside or Outside the Veldt?

A: Description of the original text and its socio-cultural and historical contexts   The text which I will be using is “The Veldt” by Ray Bradbury, which he wrote in 1950. The text was written during a period of technological, social, and economic changes, which feels like a pretty big blanket statement sense it feels [...]

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Project Proposal

Indian Myth Saves the Day a. The Ramayana is an ancient Indian Sanskrit tale (a mythical poem that many believe to be true) about Prince Rama's quest to rescue his wife Sita from Ravana, the king of Lanka. It is said to have been written by the sage Valmiki, and dates from roughly 500 BCE [...]

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Sci-Fi Project Proposal (March 8th)

Sci-Fi Project Proposal (March 8th) Alien and the Materiality of the Future 1. description of the original text and its socio-cultural and historical contexts; Alien, written by Dan O’Bannon and directed by Ridley Scott, is a 1979 Science Fiction film and the first of the Alien Franchise. It was one of the first films to [...]

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