Searching for Interstellar Escape to Solve 21st Century Problems

From Le Voyage dans la Lune directed by Georges Méliès released in 1902 to Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey released in 1968, outer space exploration in cinema has become increasingly popular throughout the years. Although the novelty of the dark and faraway unknown is enough to spike the curious audience’s interest, space and our [...]

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Final Project Proposal

When we think about the human body, there is usually a standard image that comes to mind: two eyes side by side, a nose between, two arms and legs, hands and feet with five fingers. What if we changed the order of things and had a hand with five fingers where our right eye is [...]

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Reduce and Be Reduced to a Pest in Karen Solie’s “Pest Song”

“A pest is a plant or animal detrimental to humans or human concerns (as agriculture or livestock production); alternative meanings include organisms that cause nuisance and epidemic disease associated with high mortality (specifically: plague). In its broadest sense, a pest is a competitor of humanity.”[1] Can a poem be science fiction? If so, I’d like to explore the idea [...]

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3 Questions for week 1

1. What was the socio-economic situation like when War of the Worlds by H.G Wells was published in 1898? How does this work reflect the anxieties and fears of the late 20th Century? 2. What is the purpose of drawing similarities between humans and Martians? How does this manipulate our perception of them and, accordingly, [...]

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What is Science Fiction?

According to Ursula Le Guin in her introduction to The left hand of darkness, a writer of science fiction is supposed to “take a trend or phenomenon of the here-and-now, purify and intensify it for dramatic effect, and extend it into the future” (1). I could not agree more – science fiction has the ability [...]

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