What is SF

Rising Above “Genre Fiction”

To name and define Science-Fiction is an act of rebellion against those who seek to diminish its worth. These are the readers whom Ursula LeGuin accuses of often calling the genre "escapist" while being privately frightened of its literary strength and revealing of haunting truths. Beyond aesthetics, beyond means, the essence of Sci-Fi as LeGuin [...]

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What do we call SF?

I actually haven't read much Science-Fiction, or at least not for a while. My early culture in this genre comes exclusively from my father, who wasn't much a reader. To me, S-F was first and foremost video games, movies, and comics. And I think it's safe to claim that 19th century literary works and games [...]

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Sci-Fi is a worldview and methodology

I believe that, as any Genre, the spectrum of Sci-Fi is not self-defined. It is not the authors' intention to create "Sci-Fi films/novels" and thus get such a category, but that some works are shaped and referred to as "Sci-Fi" by cultural forces and contexts. Therefore, from a genre perspective, "science fiction" is flux. At [...]

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What is science fiction?

Science fiction is a genre of fictional works that depict such fantasy content about science as future technology, time or space travel, parallel universes, artificial intelligence, etc. According to Isaac Asimov, science fiction is like a social experiment, depicting fictional societies. He sees science as the great and unifying principle of the earth, while using [...]

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What is Science Fiction?

Science Fiction is rooted in material and historical actualities, which differentiates it from Fantasy or Myth. It looks at a world that we have defined as normal and reorders it. Many of the material players are present, satisfying the need to feel recognizable, but details have been altered pushing the narrative into a zone that [...]

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Science Fiction – A safe zone for criticism

Science Fiction is about the concerns for “here”, it speculates about what the future will be like by exaggerating the existing conflicts at present. There are five elements for action cycle in the stage performance directing theory- Inciting incidents, Crisis, Catastrophe, Climax and Denouement. Science Fiction is like revealing the catastrophe and climax resulting from these [...]

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What Is Science Fiction?

I have to say, I love this question. Science Fiction is so many things. It’s a genre certainly, but even that is intrinsically complicated.  Let’s start at the beginning. I’m a magician. I’ve been a magician since I was twelve years old.  So Arthur C. Clarke’s quote has framed my life, my career, and my [...]

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What Is Science Fiction?

Science Fiction (Sci-Fi) is the genre that discusses and displays stories in alternate realities by presenting the author’s vision of answers to three questions: 1) What if? 2) What could happen? 3) Why and how? (optional) First, by considering and answering the question of “what if,” the author provides the setting that differs from the [...]

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what is science fiction: a reflection

  Science fiction is a genre that considers futuristic expressions of utopia and disaster. It is an art form that stretches and tests the limits of what we hold true in the realms of time and space and is deeply reflective of the state of the world at present. Science fiction differs from mythology as [...]

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