Construct the spaces in The Futurological Congress

The text I want to focus on is Stanisław Lem's The Futurological Congress, a novel of about 80,000 words set in the 1970s in the fictional country of Costa Rica, which in its English translation has the same name as the real place, but in the original Polish it is Costarikana, different from Kostaryka, which [...]

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The Social Imagination in Folding Beijing

Folding Beijing is a novella written by a Chinese sci-fi writer Hao Jingfang. The English translation by Ken Liu was published in 2015 in Uncanny Magazine and won the 2016 Hugo Award for Best Novelette. It is described as "a Beijing with different spaces and classes, a city that folds up like Transformers but with [...]

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Sci-Fi is a worldview and methodology

I believe that, as any Genre, the spectrum of Sci-Fi is not self-defined. It is not the authors' intention to create "Sci-Fi films/novels" and thus get such a category, but that some works are shaped and referred to as "Sci-Fi" by cultural forces and contexts. Therefore, from a genre perspective, "science fiction" is flux. At [...]

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