Herbert, F. (1965). Dune. Philadelphia: Chilton Books.

“Religion and law among our masses must be one and the same,“ his father said. ”An act of disobedience must be a sin and require religious penalties. This will have the dual benefit of bringing both greater obedience and greater bravery. We must depend not so much on the bravery of individuals, you see, as upon the bravery of a whole population.”
Excerpt From: Herbert, Frank. “Dune.”

Battlestar Gallactica (2005) 33. Season: 1 Ep. 1 (Available on iTunes and Amazon Video)

Geek of the Week

Mamoru Oshii, Angel’s Egg, 1985. (Daniel)

Bioshock 1 (Nate)

Content Warning:
Bioshock is a dystopian first-person shooter/horror game. It contains frequent graphic violence as gameplay, including the main character injecting themselves with syringes. In addition, violence against children is semi-explicitly depicted. Late in the game there are also implications and reference made to potential sexual violence but this is will not come up in these materials unless you play/watch further than four hours in which I am not asking any of us to do.

[Extra Note About Challenging Content in Video Games:]
One of the unique elements of games, that we’re going to touch on, is that gameplay and immersion greatly amplify emotional involvement. If you decide to play the demo (or the full game) but feel at all nervous about the content mentioned above it’s worth being aware that playing the game (while the intended experience of the text) might be more of a gut-punch.


Compilation of Cut-Scenes:
Watch a bit of this– while a lot of the plot is shown through gameplay, this video strings together many of the relevant cinematic/plot moments in the game. Specifically: ​0:00:01 – 0:20:00 and 1:15:00 – 1:28:00. If you watch the let’s play, or play the demo, you can just check out the 1:15:00 – 1:28:00 clip.

For our ‘Let’s play’:
I will be streaming a Let’s Play of the first several hours of Bioshock 1 on Saturday, November 10th, beginning at 7pm EST @ ​​ : We’ll be playing through together, with the opportunity to discuss in real time using the chat feature (if you want to, and don’t mind making a twitch account.) When we finish, I’ll post the footage online/provide a link to let anyone who missed the Let’s Play watch it after.

For an Apple Demo:
Navigate to the URL below and use the bold link at the bottom of the article.

For a PC Demo:
Navigate to URL below, download demo button is next to the buy option on the right.

Note on Demo Accessibility:
Bioshock was released in 2007, and therefore its systems requirements shouldn’t pose much of a problem for most laptops/computers released after 2015. However, if you experience any issues/know your computer won’t work within those parameters, just check out a let’s play/tune in for ours.

Theory and Commentary

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