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Scott, Ridley. Blade Runner. Burbank, CA: Warner Home Video, 1982. (make sure to watch Director’s Cut or Final Cut) (on Amazon VideoiTunes, and Pay to Watch YouTube)

Geek of the Week

Psycho Pass: Suggestions and warnings: since I choose the episodes toward the end of the first season, where the story gets to the climax and more intense, I would recommend people to look up on Wikipedia and get a sense of the background. As for episode 16, it could get quite violent and shocking, so if people feel uncomfortable toward watching mentally disturbing scene, I would suggest skipping this one. (Jun)

Vonnegut, Kurt.  “Harrison Bergeron.”  The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.  1961. (Dawn)

Theory and Commentary

Baccolini, Raffaella. 2004. The Persistence of Hope in Dystopian Science FictionPMLA 119(3): 518-21.

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