N.K. Jemisin, “Sinners, Saints, Dragons, and Haints, int the City Beneath the Still Waters,” in How Long ’Til Black Future Month?, First edition. (New York, NY: Orbit, 2018), 373-398.

Janelle Monáe, Dirty Computer [Emotion Picture], 2018.

Star Trek: The Original Series. Let That Be Your Last Battlefield. Season: 3 Ep. 15 (Available on NYU Stream as well as Netflix and Amazon Video)

Geek of the Week

  • Lupita
    • Trousdale, Gary and Kirk Wise, directors. Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Buena Vista Pictures, 2001. (Available through NYU Stream)
  • Lauren
    • Estrada, Inés. Alienation. Seattle, Washington. Fantagraphics Books, 2019.(ePub, PDF) (Also consider supporting independent comic artists and purchasing a physical copy here)
    • ATTENTION: Alienation contains potentially triggering themes like sexual violence, gore, nudity, and disturbing imagery. If anyone in our class feels averse from engaging with the text, feel free to read a review of Alienation on The Comics Journal or NPR so you can follow along with some of our discussion. Send Lauren a message through NYU Classes (or on discord) any questions or concerns you may have & good luck with Alienation!

Theory and Commentary

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Further Reading and Viewing

Samuel R. Delany August 1998. “Racism and Science Fiction.” The New York Review of Science Fiction. Issue 120.