Must read and listen to

Wells, H. G. 1995 (1897). The War of the Worlds. New York: Oxford.

Welles, O. 1938. Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds.” Larchmont, N.Y.: Longines Symphonette Society. (on

Pick one of two below

Lyndon, B. 1953. The War of the Worlds. Hollywood, Calif.: Paramount. (Available on NYU Stream)

Spielberg, S. 2005. War of the Worlds. Universal City, CA: DreamWorks Home Entertainment. (Available on NYU Stream)

Theory and Commentary

Pooley, J., & Socolow, M. J. (2013, October 28). The myth of the war of the worlds panic. Slate.

Additional Materials

Marshall, C. (2016, September 8). Things to Come, the 1936 Sci-Fi Film Written by H.G. Wells, Accurately Predicts the World’s Very Dark Future. Open Culture. (on

Carl Sagan’s Cosmos E05 – Blues for a Red Planet (Available on NYU Stream)

  • Go to 3:00 for a reading from War of the Worlds (accompanied by Holst’s “Mars” from The Planets)

Early Illustrations of WotW from Open Culture

From the 1897 Edition

By Artist Henrique Alvim Corrêa