Parisot, D. Galaxy Quest. Hollywood Calif.: DreamWorks Pictures, 1999. (Available via NYU Stream)

Geek of the Week

  • Alison
    • Community Season 4 Episode 3: “Conventions of Space and Time” (Available through NYU Stream)
      • A group of misfits come together at Greendale Community College to expand their knowledge and discover themselves. Abed, one of the members of the Greendale study group, is obsessed with a fictional science fiction series called Inspector SpaceTime (this constructed show is a play on the long-running sci-fi series Doctor Who, which has aired on the BBC for over forty seasons).
    • Fantastic Voyage,” Emily Nussbaum. The New Yorker, June 4 & 11 2012 .
    • Holly Black and Cecil Castellucci , “Once You’re a Jedi You’re a Jedi All the Way,” in Geektastic: Stories from the Nerd Herd, ed. Holly Black and Cecil Castellucci (New York: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, 2010). (Pages 1-3 on This Site)
    • Adam Wescott, How A Piece Of Fan Fiction Became A Full-Fledged Star Trek Movie,” Slashfilm, March 17, 2022.

Theory and Commentary

Geraghty, Lincoln. 2005. “Creating and Comparing Myth in Twentieth-Century Science Fiction: Star Wars and Star Trek.” Literature/Film Quarterly.

Jenkins, Henry. 2006. Fans, Bloggers, and Gamers: Exploring Participatory Culture. New York: NYU Press.

  • Excerpts from “Matt Hills Interviews Henry Jenkins” (9-36)
  • Star Trek Rerun, Rewritten: Fan Writing as Textual Poaching (37-60)
  • “Out of the Closet and into the Universe”: Queers and Star Trek (89-112)