Essay 3

Robot as a Bridge to Connection

One short film that has always stuck out to me is "This Time Away," which is directed by Magali Barbe, and turned out to be the best short film of the 2019 Manhattan Short film finalist. Unlike some sci-fi, this short film has a way of generating hope, and ultimately connection through its scenes, and [...]

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Cyberpunk and Ghost in the Shell

In the 2040s Japan, after the Third and Fourth World War, human society is very different from before, high-tech has given birth to a new lifestyle, as machines have not only taken over human flesh, making prosthetic bodies replacing limbs the norm, but also human consciousness, turning brains from organic parts into electronic brains, which [...]

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“Dinosaurs Eat Man—Woman Inherits the Earth”: How Jurassic Park Subverts Male Power Fantasies

When the chief engineer John Arnold fails to return to the safety of the bunker in the 1993 film Jurassic Park, the character Ellie Sattler volunteers to retrieve him. The power is out and the dinosaurs are running freely through the park, causing destruction and chaos in their wake. John Hammond, the venture capitalist who [...]

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